"" aims to provide a place where all camera users can communicate through photos by publishing and sharing selected photos taken by posters and using the comment function etc. for them. I am.

Please read the following before posting so that you can fully understand this point and maintain a site that all camera users can enjoy.

1. Do not post images that make viewers uncomfortable.

Due to the characteristics of the website, "" can be viewed by anyone regardless of age or sex as long as there is an environment that can connect to the Internet. Recognizing that there are many people who have different values ​​from yours, you will not be allowed to post images such as the following, because you will not be offended by your own values.


[Images that may cause sexual impression or discomfort to others]

Images with a lot of exposed skin regardless of gender

Image highlighting genitals and bust top

[Images that may give a violent impression or may be associated with it]

Image showing bloodstains, blood, scars, etc.

An image that reminds or associates extremely rough or cruel acts

Image depicting abuse and violence

[Images reminiscent of anti-social acts or criminal acts]

Images with discriminatory content

Images that praise and praise prohibited drug use

Depiction of grossly unethical and antisocial behavior

[Image for advertising purposes]

Images for the purpose of advertising and advertising products, services, events, etc.

2. Comments that may lead to trouble such as criticism of a third party are prohibited.

"" is a place to share photos, not a place to compare with other photos.

It is prohibited to blame, slander, or ridicule other users in the comments regardless of whether they are specified or not.


This photo is better than Mr.

I can't add so many points to this photo

This person lacks technology

In addition, please do not react at all even if you discover the damage caused by vandalism, slander, or flare, and leave it alone.

If you react, the trolls, slander, and flaming may become even more intense.

3. Comments regarding the use and provision of posted photos are prohibited.

Comments regarding the use and provision of posted images are prohibited as they may lead to trouble.

If you wish, please contact us from the inquiry form.

4. Please comply with related laws such as copyright.

Please observe the following when posting images.

1. When posting using a copyrighted work of a third party

In many cases, not only on this site, but also on other sites and on TV, magazines, newspapers, etc., comments and images produced by third parties are protected by copyright. If you use a copyrighted work of a third party, obtain the permission of the relevant right holder.


Posting images taken with a camera on TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Quotes of images posted by third parties, regardless of "" or other sites

An image created by translating, arranging, transforming, or adapting a third-party copyrighted work, converting it into a movie, and adapting it.

Please note that when writing by quoting a copyrighted work (magazine, book, etc.) from a third party, please follow the rules below.

(Link) Go to the Agency for Cultural Affairs website (Note 5 has citation rules)

2. When posting photos of places where photography is prohibited or where the subject appears

Even if the picture is taken unintentionally, the reflection of a third party or the property that the third party can identify can be a violation of the privacy right.


An image that reflects the level of a third party's face when shooting a city landscape

An image showing at a level where the license plate of a third-party car can be recognized

3. Other things to note

If you want to shoot an object owned by a third party, obtain permission from the authorized person in advance. In addition, regarding the objects installed in museums and museums, follow the rules of the facility.


Third-party property such as artworks in the store

A work of art installed in the museum with a sign saying "No photography"

Even if you comply with the matters described in (1) to (3) above, you are responsible for determining whether or not the posted content infringes various laws such as the Copyright Law. Please note that "" does not take any responsibility.

5. About posted images and comments

Images and comments posted on "" are the copyright of the poster. "" is prohibited from being reprinted or reprinted without permission from the copyright holder, as this is a copyright infringement.

6. Violation images and comments

The images and comments posted on "" are posted on the premise that there is no infringement of various rights including privacy, but in the unlikely event that it is found that it infringes your rights Please contact "" from the violation report window provided for each image.

7. Request to retain original data

If any of the above applies, or if "" is determined to be inappropriate, it may be deleted without notice. Even in that case, we will not disclose the reason for the decision.

Also, please retain the original data of the image/comment yourself.

8. About shooting manners

When shooting, be sure to be considerate of the surroundings and follow good manners.